Lunaria Rediviva

Birthed a necklace of seed pods.

A mucous chord held them together.

Fragile, translucent paper membranes

encased a tiny black seed.

When the light hit caught it right, it shone with mother of pearl iridescence.

Worried they were dead. Perhaps dormant.

Are those my children?

Do they still have a chance to be born?

Picked it up, as gentle as could be managed,

fear of crushing the delicate things.

Held the necklace in hands, after birth getting everywhere.

Is there a way to put it back,

so they can germinate longer?

Despairing they might be gone forever, consider going to a doctor.

That came out of you?

Decide against it.

Go to a healer.

She suggests it's a sign.

Heed it.

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